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KChess versions

See the changes text file for a detailed technical description of all changes to KChess Advance and KChess Elite since version 1, plus plans and ideas for future versions.

KChess Advance and KChess Elite version 4 enhancements over version 3.6 include

( * denotes enhancements in KChess Elite only )

Play abilities

Saving/loading games

On screen display



KChess Advance and KChess Elite version 3.6 enhancements over version 3.5 included

KChess Elite version 3.5 enhancements over version 3.0 included

This was also the first version of KChess Advance.

KChess Elite version 3.0 enhancements over version 2.5 included

KChess Elite version 2.5 enhancements over version 2.0 included

KChess Elite version 2.0 enhancements over version 1.x included

KChess Elite version 1.x additional features over KChess Classic for Windows included

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